container-service MARN Group

Shipping container for sale and rent

Shipping containers of all types and sizes are always available in 20 cities of Russia.

transport-service MARN Group

Shipping services

We transport cargo in Russia by road, rail and sea transport. Accept and ship all types of cargo, even oversized. We deliver the door-to-door.

terminal-service MARN Group

Network of container terminals

Equipped, protected container terminals in 5 cities. There are free days of storage and special conditions for regular customers.

module-service MARN Group

Household modules from fright containers

Cabins, guard houses, kiosks, lodges - any products based on sea containers and frame structures. Available and custom-made for an individual project.

Our advantages

skill MARN Group
6 years of complex projects and non-standard solutions
container MARN Group
12% lower freight costs than competitors
terminal MARN Group
10 own terminals in large transport cities
allinone MARN Group
1000 containers in stock daily


Do you want to buy a ISO container?

Do you want to order the manufacture of a household module?

Do you want to order a shipment?

Contact us and we will resolve any issues in 15 minutes.


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Head office
Dneprovskaya str., 27
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Prosyolochnaya str., 30
8 800 250 70 70


Suvorova str., 1
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Yurievsky ln., 16A, off. 16
+7 (495) 226 88 78

St. Petersburg

Tallinn Highway, 196
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East Highway, 4
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Mira ave., 1V, off. 109
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Beregovaya str., 40V
+7 (914) 685 42 00
Purchase and sale of ISO containers. Modification of ISO containers. Logistic company. Network of ISO container terminals
Vladivostok, Dneprovskaya str., 27

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